Do Not Let Common Workplace Injuries Trip You Up

Do Not Let Common Workplace Injuries Trip You UpAvoiding Slips, Trips, And Falls In The Workplace

Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of workplace injury, and the opportunity for these unfortunate accidents to occur increases in the spring as the snow begins to melt, then refreezes during the cold nights, to form a sheet of ice. Be aware that you can educate your employees to ensure that they stay safe this spring and all year long.

Slips and trips are not “just a part of life.” They can be avoided if you are proactive about the steps that you take to encourage safety. The majority of slips, trips and falls occur because specific factors combine to create a dangerous situation. Fortunately, that means that if you can control one of those factors, you can eliminate the hazard.

Make sure that you have a company practice that addresses behavior in the face of dangerous conditions. To safeguard your staff, encourage them to opt for shoes with non-slip soles. Remind them to take small steps on slippery walkways and to avoid distractions. Teach them to use three points of contact (e.g. two feet and one hand, two hands and one foot) when getting in and out of their vehicles.

Also, have a team member regularly perform a walk through of your property to ensure there are not unaddressed hazards, such as a spill that has not yet been cleaned up. Encouraging safety practices will not only protect your valuable team members; it will also protect your business from liability.

Do not let a slip on your property slip up your business; get the insurance coverage you need to protect against trip, slip and fall injuries. To get protection you need to safeguard your Colorado nonprofit, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. We are located in Denver and are here to tailor your coverage to protect against your unique risks.