Workers’ Compensation

The State of Colorado requires that all organizations that have salaried employees must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. In some instances, the organization may also have to cover contract employees; however, volunteers are not eligible for coverage. The policy premium is based on the classification of the employee’s job responsibilities and his/her annual salary.

The State Legislature determines the benefits payable to an injured employee. Direct medical expenses and lost time wages are the most common benefits. An injured employee must prove he was on the job at the time of the incident, though he is not required to prove the employer is liable. The employer may select the medical provider to treat the injured employee.

All claims should be reported immediately by the organization to the insurance provider. To find out more about the easy reporting of claims to Pinnacol, go to and look in the Employers’ Guide.

Colorado Nonprofit Association has joined forces with Pinnacol Assurance to offer a group insurance option designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting risk management and accident prevention plans in the workplace. All participating members learn how to start and maintain a safety program for their organization. Cost Containment Certification classes are held to help members set up a program and apply to the State of Colorado for a premium discount. Colorado Nonprofit Association members may be eligible for annual group premium discounts and group dividends.

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