Workers’ compensation coverage at discounted rates

Workers’ compensation or workers’ comp helps cover the medical bills and lost wages of employees who are injured on the job, and while it’s an important benefit to offer all on its own, it’s also required by Colorado law. In fact, most states require businesses and organizations that have employees to carry workers’ compensation coverage. In Colorado, all organizations that have salaried employees must carry the insurance, and in some cases, even non-salaried contract employees need to be covered. The premium for each employee policy will vary based on the employee’s salary and the type of job responsibilities – and hence the amount of risk – the employee has. The Colorado State Legislature determine the level and types of benefits that are payable.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available whether the employer was liable for the injury or not. An employee need only prove that he or she was on the job when the injury occurred, whether that injury occurs at the primary workplace or while the employee is working at an offsite location or event.

We’ve joined forces with Denver-based Pinnacol Assurance, a leader in the workers’ compensation arena, to offer a group insurance option that’s designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting risk management and accident prevention plans in the workplace. Pinnacol’s 55,000 members are taught how to initiate and run safety programs at their businesses or organizations in order to earn discounted premiums. Cost containment certification class’s help members establish their programs and then show them how to apply to the State of Colorado for a premium discount. When a workplace injury does occur, claims are reported using Pinnacol’s convenient, user-friendly online system.

As members of Pinnacol, Colorado Nonprofit Association members may be eligible for annual group premium discounts and group dividends. Call us today at 866-537-1142 or fill out our online contact form and learn about the workers’ compensation options available to your nonprofit organization.