Why Your Nonprofit Needs Worker’s Compensation

The right worker’s compensation policy will provide benefits to more than just employees.

When most people think of a worker’s compensation insurance policy, they think of the benefits that it will provide injured employees. While the coverage provided by worker’s comp. is invaluable when an employee is injured on the job, the policy will also provide benefits for your nonprofit company.

As a nonprofit company, a worker’s compensation policy will act as a safety net during a crisis. The policy will provide coverage for medical bills, lost income, and court fees that you may face after the injury. Without the policy, your nonprofit would be left stretching its budget even further to cover the costs. Without the proper worker’s compensation insurance, you could face bankruptcy from just one employee injury.

Along with having the right worker’s compensation insurance policy in place, there are many steps you can take to keep your employees safe. Follow these tips to keep your nonprofit employees safe while they work.

  • Choose ergonomic equipment and office furniture – comfortable furniture and equipment will help to reduce the chances of injuries caused by repetitive motion.
  • Hold training sessions – everyone on your staff should know proper lifting techniques to reduce the chances of a back injury. You may also want to consider first aid training for all employees.
  • Provide protective equipment – when choosing the right protective equipment, make sure it matches with the job that is being done. The more protective equipment that you are able to provide, the lower the chances of an injury.

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