Why You Should Always Interview Potential Volunteers

Why You Should Always Interview Potential VolunteersFinding the right volunteers to suit your cause.  

Busy nonprofits often need the assistance of volunteers. Not only do they help with important tasks, but they add value to your organization, just as paid employees do. While you may love good volunteers, it doesn’t mean that you should take in everyone who wants to volunteers. Volunteers need to be properly interviewed, just as employees do. This will help you to narrow down the candidates that are the right fit for your organization.

Below are just a few qualities to address during the interview process. These qualities help to make a good volunteer a great volunteer.

  • Experience and skills

There’s no substitute for a volunteer’s experience and skills. Has the candidate completed similar work before? If there isn’t a match between what you require and their work experience, can they be trained relatively easily? Ask about their previous roles and the skills that they feel are their strengths.

  • Education

Many organizations rely on student volunteers. If you’re looking for youth volunteers, is there a local school program that aligns with your cause? Look for volunteers that have already undergone training through schooling, and they may even be able to bring new ideas to the table.

  • Motivation

Always ask the candidate why they want to volunteer. This question will help you to place them appropriately in the organization and it allows you to get to know the person. You might get a mix of answers – whether the cause is close to their heart, they have a passion and a strong sense of duty, they need college credit, or otherwise, understanding their motivation will give you a better idea of what they want out of the role, too.

  • Availability

Volunteer availability is always subject to change. For example, if you look for young volunteers, student schedules will influence how many hours they can commit. Since many people do not adhere fully to their volunteer commitments, count on people being available 50 percent of the time that they said they could.

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