Why You Need a Communications Calendar

How your nonprofit can benefit from a communications calendar.

As all nonprofit organizations know, fundraising is a year-round effort. From coming up with new strategies, thanking your donors, and communicating updates to them regularly, there’s a lot to remember and a lot to do. If you’re getting stressed about how you’re going to pull this off, then you need a communications calendar, which emphasizes the importance of communication with your donors and other supporters all year round.

To create a seamless calendar, all departments need to work together. Figure out what information you need to share and when to share it. You want to develop a consistent stream of information rather than sending three emails in one day and then nothing for three weeks.

As you create your communications calendar, think about how you will use different channels and which audiences should receive your messages. You may only send direct mail a couple of times a year, but monthly e-newsletters and social media posts will likely (and hopefully) be more regular. When you send a fundraising appeal or promotional event, you’ll want to use different streams of communication.

To help you get started, here are some categories you can use in your communications calendar.


Does your organization hold any events? Are there events in the community that could be of interest to your supporters? Events are a great thing to share as they spread the message and ground your nonprofit as a valuable resource in the community.


While you should already be on the lookout for any federal or state legislation that’s relevant to your organization, it could be worth sharing these updates with your supporters. Encourage people to contact their legislators about an issue or a bill and then report back any progress.

News Stores

Although you won’t be able to predict the news in advance, it’s worth regularly scheduling time to check if there are any relevant stories that could link to your nonprofit. If there is, it’s worth sharing with your audience.

Time of Year

Holidays, seasons, national awareness months, and more can be pertinent to your organization. Look ahead and think of creative new ways on how to link this time of year to your nonprofit.

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