Why to Make Succession Planning and Safe Development a Priority

Tips to make succession planning important in your nonprofit.

A vital nonprofit and fundraising topic is succession planning. Believe it or not, but succession planning is a much stronger approach with far better results than not planning for the inevitable time when a transition takes place. Whether this means helping your staff members realize their full potential or onboard new team members, successful planning and safe development should be a priority in your nonprofit. Doing so can ensure you know how to handle the future.

Generally, it’s wise not to have one person connected to a donor. All too often, leaders lose their passion and effectiveness. A team approach of staff and volunteers is much more effective and outlives the inevitable staff transitions. Keep in mind that as an organization grows, it’s not unusual for the strengths that someone was hired for to turn into their weaknesses. Successful organizations have leaders with varying skills at different points in their lifecycle.

It’s important to think of everything. An organization’s board, in coordination with its human resources team, should develop plans for CEO transition. This plan should include what happens when a transition takes place so that the organization can act quickly, as well as outlining an internal transition plan. As a nonprofit organization, you have the flexibility to work to your team’s strengths. For large organizations, a succession plan could involve another tier of development leadership. Work with your organization to outline plans for development.

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