Why It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Annual Campaign

This year has been tough for businesses and organizations alike. Owners have faced some of their toughest challenges yet. But, if you’ve made it this far, then you are one of the lucky ones that made it through the pandemic. Because the first part of the year was taken up with lockdown and business slowing down, now is the perfect time to start planning your annual campaign. Don’t write the rest of the year off – your organization can benefit from strategic campaign planning now.


Organize your data

Your campaign is only as strong as your data, so review your donor database now. Is it up-to-date and tagged correctly? Make sure names are free from grammatical errors and that data is ready to use.


Audit your website

What is your website’s user experience? Is it set up to effectively accept donations and find important information? Think about ways in which you can streamline navigation and make content more accessible to users.


Prepare for launch

Think about the different ways you’ll launch the campaign  – social media, community engagement, direct mail, and public relations are all important factors to consider. Get familiar with each of these demands so that you are ready to launch your campaign successfully.


Thank the donors

Plan your “thank you” process now. How can these messages be automated? Will they be different messages depending on the donor’s monetary donation size? Build your email templates and draft your call scripts now so that you can thank donors in a timely manner.


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