What You Can Learn from Leaders in Corporate Culture

What You Can Learn From Leaders in Corporate CultureWhen it comes to the success of your business or organization, your culture has a bigger impact than you may think. 

Culture can make or break an organization, no matter how small or how big. It can create that special and serious competitive edge and advantage over your competitors or it can lead the crashing and burning of your organization. If your organization’s culture is not well-defined, you still have time to create one that will lead to the success of your business. Here are a few tips on what you can learn from leaders in corporate culture.

  1. Negative Culture Can’t Be Undone
    Once a negative culture begins to spread throughout your organization, it is incredibly difficult to find the vaccine. Leaders acknowledge that the best way is to start from square 1–new employees, new values, new everything. Don’t let a negative culture germinate in your organization.
  2. Core Values Matter
    What does your organization stand for? If the core values are done right, they can fuel and enhance the culture you are working to develop. Instead of saying that “communication is one of our values,” try to relate it to something that promotes communication, like a quote or action.
  3. Culture Can Exist Without an Office
    The year is 2017. You no longer need an office to get work done because employees can work from home. The sense of comradery that one gets from a physical office, however, is still required. But how? Tools like Slack or Skype offer avenues for open communication.

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