What are the Best Ways to Advocate for Your Cause?

If you have a cause that you believe in, find ways to spread awareness for it.

Advocacy is publicly supporting and spreading awareness for a particular cause.  Just as there are countless different causes to support, there are countless different ways to advocate.  Nonprofit organizations have many different avenues to generate public support for their causes, here are just a few.

1) Advocacy Advertising

Advocacy advertising uses marketing and promotional means to raise awareness for the cause you’re advocating for.  Essentially, advocacy advertising looks to generate attention for your cause.  Advocacy advertising can take many different forms, from ads in local publications to television commercials to radio spots.

2) Online Advocacy

Online advocacy relies on the Internet to drive change.  The Internet is a fantastic tool for nonprofits and the interconnectedness of the digital age allows for direct contact with supporters from all over.  When coupled with offline advocacy efforts, online advocacy can have a huge impact on spreading public awareness for your nonprofit’s cause.  Online advocacy can happen through social media channels, email campaigns, an organizational website, and so on.

3) Advocacy Groups

Advocacy groups implement strategies to bring about changes in public policy and opinion.  Many of these groups rely on some form of lobbying or politics to change the social, political, and economic landscape.  As a nonprofit, you are already an advocacy group that relies on employees and volunteers to spread your message.  There are many other, more politically oriented advocacy groups such as PACs and Super PACs.

If you are a nonprofit, consider one of these strategies for your advocacy campaign.  Remember, your nonprofit requires protection to spread awareness and make the change it desires.  To get your nonprofit the insurance coverage it needs, contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, part of HUB International in Denver, Colorado at 303-894-0298.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your nonprofit insurance needs.