Volunteer Coverage For Your Volunteers

Volunteer Coverage For Your VolunteersAre You Protecting Your Community?

As a nonprofit, you depend on volunteers to help your business run. Volunteers are the lifeblood of your organization, making it possible for you to hold large-scale events and community outreaches. Consequently, you are grateful for them and want to show them you care. While you have likely implemented some kind of volunteer giveback program, there is another way that you can show your volunteers how valuable they are.

Volunteer accident insurance ensures that if one of your volunteers gets injured while working an event for your nonprofit, he or she will have the medical expense benefits necessary to get healthy again. Many nonprofits have discovered that workers’ compensation and general liability coverage fall short after an accident. So you can be prepared before the event occurs, volunteer accident insurance is here. Offering coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, accident medical expense, weekly accident indemnity, and sickness medical services, this type of protection ensures that your volunteers can rest easy, knowing they will be able to get the care they need.

Carrying this type of coverage benefits your volunteers, but it can also benefit your nonprofit. With volunteer accident coverage, you can often offset rate increases for your general liability insurance. Furthermore, you provide tangible evidence to your volunteers and your community that you care deeply about protection for your team, even its unpaid members.

You want to protect your volunteers, but you may not know exactly how. That is where we come in. As experts on volunteer accident insurance in Denver, we are here to ensure that your Colorado nonprofit gives its volunteers—and its organization—the right level of protection. To safeguard your reputation as a caring organization, give your volunteers peace of mind, and reduce your liability, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. We are here to craft the right volunteer accident insurance coverage to meet your specific needs.