Unusual Ways to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonrprofit

Take a look at these unconventional ways to attract volunteers.

It’s not always easy to attract people to give up their time to help your cause. There are so many nonprofits out there today that most people are spoilt for choice. For that reason, you’ve got to think outside of the box if you want to attract and retain suitable volunteers. Here are a few ideas on how you can do just that.

Create a community

The internet of today allows you to create a two-way avenue of communication. You can ask questions, share advice, and spark conversation with your followers. You can share your mission far and wide to encourage followers to help spread your message. The more you create a dialogue between your nonprofit and followers, the more likely they are to take an interest.

Share stories of existing volunteers

People like to work with people. Being personable online is a great step to show your nonprofit’s human side. A great way to boost your nonprofit’s personality is to share stories of existing volunteers. Tell your audience why they are volunteering, how it helping them develop as an individual, and how it helps your mission.

Host a friendly competition

The first step to recruiting volunteers is to find them. One way you could do that is to create friendly competitions. For example, you could create a writing competition where you ask prospects to explore ideas that are in line with the cause your nonprofit is promoting. From there, it’s a smaller step to approach them – tell them how much you like their ideas and ask them if they’d like to help out.

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