Understanding Why and How People Donate

How the public gets motivated to give.


As a nonprofit owner, you rely on donations to keep your operations running smoothly. As such, you’ve probably thought a lot about what motivates people to donate their hard-earned income to a charitable cause. Understanding their motivations can help you better market and promote your nonprofit successfully. Here is what you should know.


What motivates people to give?

Whether it’s to feel good about oneself or to support a cause that hits close to home, there are many reasons why people support a charity. Here are just a few of the top reasons.


They can see the impact of their gift – It’s important to show and tell your donors exactly how their financial support is making an impact. If they think their donation is being tossed into a black hole, they won’t feel compelled to help. Millennials, in particular, like to know that their gifts make a difference.


They are motivated by someone’s story – Don’t forget about the power of one. Highlight an individual who has benefitted from your mission and tell their story – people are more moved by stories than graphs, after all.


They are waiting to be asked – Sometimes, a small nudge in the right direction is all it takes to receive donations. For some, they just need to be asked to donate. For others, they are much more willing to comply with a donation request when they are asked to give a small amount.


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