Travel Tips: Traveling with Electronics

Travel Tips: Traveling With Electronics

Traveling without electronics in this day and age is like traveling without your passport: it can’t be done. But how do you keep them safe?

Summer is coming. That means that many of us will pack our bags and travel to some great summer getaways. But traveling with electronics can be a bit of a hassle, especially now with increased airport security. If you want to travel as hassle-free as possible, make sure that you follow these travel tips on how to go through an airport with your electronics.

Pack Smart

If you are going to take your electronics with you in one of your carry-on bags, make sure that you have easy access to them. TSA officials will make you remove your laptop and phone from your bag so they can properly scan it. Make sure that they are easily accessible so that you don’t become that one person who takes forever at the airport security.

Bring Common Electronics Only

If you want to avoid raising any red flags, make sure that you pack common electronics. Things like phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, and portable gaming systems. Rarer electronic devices, like WiFi antennae, can lead to flight-missing questions by TSA.

Don’t Use the Public WiFi

One of the easiest ways for cyber criminals to steal your information is through public WiFi. Free public WiFi is tempting, but you should never connect any of your devices to it. If there are any cyber criminals, you might as well just tell them the passwords to all your secure accounts.

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