Tips to Retain Volunteers

Retain volunteer commitment with these tips to keep them happy.

Your volunteers are superheroes! They give up their time to benefit your nonprofit that helps a worthy cause. They fill many roles in different capacities, bringing diverse skill sets as board members, committee leads, guides, ushers, admins, and more. As a nonprofit, it’s important that you recruit a strong volunteer base and keep them coming back.

Here are some general guidelines to help you create a program that keeps your volunteers motivated and engaged.

Value Their Time

No one wants to give up their time only to feel like it has been wasted. Volunteers are donating their time and energy to your mission, so be sure to recognize that. When assigning tasks, be respectful and make sure use each volunteer wisely.

Utilize Their Strengths

Volunteers enjoy using their expertise for a good cause. Allow them to apply their strengths and talents to better your organization. Do your best to ensure that easy task is challenging and fulfilling for each volunteer.

Ask for Feedback

If you want happy volunteers, all you need do is listen to them. Volunteers who feel ignored won’t be volunteers for long. Ask for their opinions, listen to their suggestions, and always follow up. When a volunteer approaches you with an idea, listen and ask questions. If volunteers would prefer to give feedback anonymously, create a comment box.

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