Tried-And-True Team Building Tips

Tips for Team BuildingTips to help you make the most of your team building event.

Team building isn’t just a popular buzzword; it’s an absolutely crucial concept for your nonprofit. When each member of your staff feels that he or she is part of a team and actually known, motivation, happiness, and productivity spike. In other words, team building is important for your staff and for your bottom line.

One of the best ways to go about team building is to get everyone out of their shells at a team building event. When you host yours, here are a few tips for team building that can come in handy!

  • Get Everyone Involved: The goal of a team building event should be to engage each member of your staff. Be thoughtful, then, about the event you put together. For example, athletics-centered events like a ropes course might not be ideal for your more sedentary team members, while alcohol-driven events won’t be a fit for your sober staff.
  • Give Them A Challenge: If you give your staff a problem to solve, they can unite together to work towards a common goal. One great team building challenge is a scavenger hunt, which gives your team the chance to get moving and get creative!
  • Invite Feedback: It’s okay if your first team building event isn’t a smashing success, but it’s important you work to build on it. Give your employees written questionnaires to ask about their experience at the event and invite ideas for future ones.

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