Tips for Recruiting Volunteers this Winter

Attract valuable volunteers this season.


Even though spring is right around the corner, winter isn’t over yet. With warmer days ahead, people are potentially thinking about doing more with their time. As a nonprofit owner, it’s essential that you leverage the right tools to reach out to potential volunteers who can help drive your mission forward. Recruiting new volunteers doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve put together some of our top tips on how to do just that.


  • Visit college campuses

College students often make the perfect volunteers, especially if you recruit a group of them to commit together. They like to get active towards the end of winter/start of spring, so take advantage of this and attend your local college campus with your nonprofit.


  • Make it easy

Don’t make volunteers jump through hoops to donate their time. Make sure they have easy access to your volunteer application online and via social media. This lets them complete the application wherever is most convenient for their schedule.


  • Offer flexible options

Reconsider only accepting volunteers that can commit a certain number of hours as this can scare volunteers away. Offer different levels of commitment for them to choose between and assign tasks and responsibilities appropriately.


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