How to Make the Most of Your Nonprofit Board Meetings

Tips for Nonprofit Board Meetings

It’s time to wave goodbye to time-consuming, unorganized meetings. Your nonprofit gatherings should be short and sweet.

Meetings get a bad name. But, usually for good reason. Many participants consider them to be mundane, boring, and a waste of precious time. Many nonprofit board of directors meetings are guilty of being just that. Although they are essential to ensure the success of a nonprofit, there are ways to streamline meetings to keep them to the point and effective.

Check out these tactics for better meetings.

Give them a heads up. Send out a detailed agenda and highlight any items that need to be addressed before the meeting. This gives board members a chance to prepare their thoughts.

Be prepared. Take time to prepare for the meeting by gathering any materials, facts, and discussion topics that need to be voted on. Practice your talking points so that you sound professional and knowledgeable on the items being presented.

Assign tasks. Don’t take it all upon yourself to resolve any issues after the meeting. Delegate tasks in the meeting if necessary and ask for volunteers to step forward to help on extra projects.

Recognize others. Dedicate time to recognize board members for their efforts since your last meeting. Highlight any important events and changes that were made possible to show your gratitude and appreciation for the board of directions.

Start and end with a vision. Your nonprofit lives off of goals and dreams, so be sure to include them in your meeting. When people feel inspired, they are more likely to work harder to achieve the desired outcome. Start and end with inspirational remarks about the nonprofit.

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