Tips for Managing Your Nonprofit Board

Assure success of your nonprofit’s board by using these tips.

One of the most challenging tasks an executive director of a nonprofit will have to do is to effectively manage and work well with the board of directors. It is incredibly important to set the right tone from the outset and strike a balance that will allow you to do your work and work collaboratively and effectively with the board members. Fortunately, we’ve compiled our top tips to manage the nonprofit board with success.

Write down roles and responsibilities. Develop a concise document that clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the board and those of the executive director. When people have a list of duties for which they are held accountable, they are more likely to put time and effort into completing those tasks with care.

Set out a plan. A board must monitor its progress to know that it is moving forward. For this to happen, there needs to be documentation defining where the nonprofit is going and the benchmarks it is using to achieve success. Goals must be clearly outlined and with strategies on how to get there, too.

Use a facilitator. Where there are critical and complex issues before the board, hire outside counsel to help facilitate productive discussions. An unbiased third-party can ensure that everyone gets their say and can even help to work out key points.

These strategies will help to keep a nonprofit board of directors focused on their oversight responsibilities and will allow you, as the executive director, the freedom you need to manage daily operations.

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