Tips For Hiring The Right Employees

Tips for Hiring EmployeesA few handy tips for hiring employees who will be a fit at your nonprofit.

As a nonprofit, your team is the backbone of your important work. You need staff members you can trust who are as passionate about your cause as you are. You need hardworking people who will ensure your money is well spent on their paycheck. You need a team that will represent your nonprofit well to the world.

In short, who you hire matters. How do you find the right people to add to your nonprofit’s team? Here are a few tips for hiring employees who will be a fit.

  • Get Ready: You want your job candidates to come into their interview with you prepared, so why would you head in without some forethought? Take the time to write out thoughtful interview questions and visualize your ideal candidate.
  • Get Help: The more people from your existing team you can loop into your interview process, the more eyes you have to catch red flags. Plus, if a handful of your staff can all agree that someone is a fit, the rest of your staff will likely feel the same way.
  • Get Comfortable: Stiff interviews will only give you a shallow glance into the kind of person you might be hiring. Try to facilitate an actual, comfortable conversation. The more you can get an idea of the actual person sitting across the interview table from you, the easier it will be to make an informed decision about if that person will fit into your team.

It’s a lot of work to build the right team. Once you have them there, make sure they stay by offering them a great benefits package. Think that’s impossible to do as a nonprofit? We’re here to help! To learn about how your Colorado nonprofit can put together enticing benefits on its current budget, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency in Denver.