Tips for Every Office This National Safety Month!

National Safety Month

National Safety Month is the prime opportunity to make sure that your office is clean, clear, and free from harm.

Accidents happen. However, sometimes they can result in serious injuries. National Safety Month seeks to raise awareness and reduce the number of injuries and deaths from preventable accidents. While you may think that your office is clear of hazards, take it upon yourself to be sure that everything is safe and sound in the workplace.

Clear Walkways

The hallway, the stairway, and any other pathway should be clutter-free. Crowded places can pose a risk of trips and falls. Additionally, if an emergency occurs and an evacuation is needed, clutter can impede the ability to escape.

Maintain Proper Lighting

Good lighting illuminates everything that stands in the halls and passageways. Ensure that all staircases, walkways, hallways, and construction areas are clear and well-lit to avoid accidents.

Prevent Workplace Injuries

Injuries can happen from the smallest of things. Supply your workers with the right office supplies like adjustable chairs or desks to alleviate any injuries.

Keep it Clean

You may not think that a little dust can do much, but an untidy, unkempt workplace is a hazard for all. Spills, broken wires, and tripping hazards are common in areas that are not tidied, cleaned, or looked after. Hire a cleaning crew and ensure your team knows to clean up after themselves and keep things organized.

Emergency Preparedness

Everyone should know what to do in an emergency. Implement policy and practice how to respond. Additionally, make emergency evacuation plans and routes readily available to all employees.

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