Tips for Effective Marketing on Instagram

Tips for Effective Marketing on InstagramWith Facebook declining in popularity, many users are switching to other social media platforms like Instagram.

Instagram is gaining popularity, and it’s a great time for your company to post and get your name out there. Here are a few effective marketing tips for your Instagram.

  1. Make a great bio. When people go on your profile, this is the first thing they will read. By filling out a good bio, you ensure people that you are active and ready to connect.
  2. Learn how to take pictures on your phone. Composition is key in photography. Knowing the Rule of Thirds can go a long way when posting to a social media based on photos. Bad pictures make for bad content and potentially fewer followers.
  3. Get to know your filters. Instagram offers more than a dozen filters in which you can make your picture look more vintage. Get to know them well as the wrong filter often looks cheesy and tacky.
  4. Add subtitles to your pictures. Knowing when to add humor to your posts can go a long way. Memes also tend to get a lot of traction on Instagram, so knowing how and when to use one can lead to a plethora of followers.
  5. Use video every now and then. Instagram has finally introduced the ability to share video clips. You can now record up to one-minute videos to share with your followers. You can then use video-specific filters to spruce up your video.

Instagram is a great way to get your NPO’s name out there and help people find your cause and get behind it. Contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, part of HUB International in Denver, Colorado at 303-894-0298. We will work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your coverage.