Tips for a Successful Non-Profit

Use these tips to strive towards success with your non-profit.

Like most small companies, non-profits are born out of passion and the desire to make a difference. While many non-profit leaders believe that limited finances hold the organization back from thriving, there are easy steps to take to ensure that your organization is working at its very best.

Plan to Succeed

Planning is severely underrated but is of extreme importance. Ensure that your non-profit organization has a clear vision, mission statement, theory of change, and performance metrics at the ready. Truly fulfilling your organization’s purpose means that it has to have a smart, achievable goal and be able to use the right resources to do so.  A clear mission statement is also a necessity when applying for grants and other monies to fund a non-profit’s programs and services.

Establish and Maintain Funding Sources

Without a source of regular funding, a non-profit ceases to exist. Therefore, establishing and maintaining sources of funding are extremely important to the survival of a non-profit and deserve a dedicated staff member or team. These sources are essential to the growth the sustainability, and must be tracked and preserved as best as possible.

Utilize Public Relations

Sometimes, leaders get so caught up in the day-to-day activities that they forget to promote their organization. It’s important, especially as a non-profit, not to neglect your public relations arena. Press releases are an excellent way to inform the public about your non-profit’s accomplishments and raise awareness for the cause.

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