Things You Are Doing Incorrectly on Social Media

You may think you’re a social media expert, but there are a few things on social media websites that you are doing incorrectly. 

Social media marketing may seem like a simple task. Just point, shoot, and share. Three-quarters of those asked on a Sprout Social Survey say they have made a purchase after seeing a product on social media; clearly, it’s a powerful tool. But eighty-six percent say they want to follow their favorite companies on social media, but there are a few things that many companies do that annoy nearly everyone. So here are a few things you are doing incorrectly on social media that could cost you in branding and in sales.

  1. You Don’t Interact
    One in four of the survey respondents said they were frustrated when they reached out to a brand on social media and never heard back and fifteen percent of them unfollowed the brand because of it. When it comes to your customers, there is no such thing as too many replies–you can do so through private messages, as well.
  2. Your Jokes Are Not Funny
    Few things in this world are worse than making a joke only to have it come out flat. Thirty-two percent of users reported being annoyed when the brands they follow attempted to be funny and failed.
  3. Overtweeting
    People don’t want to see only one account when they scroll through their timeline–they like to see variety. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed they would unfollow a brand for exactly that reason. Eighteen percent, however, said they would unfollow if an account was too quiet. Only a few per day is a good goal, of course, this depends on your own brand so experiment!

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