The Science of Nonprofit Storytelling

Nonprofits need to use every tool at their disposal when it comes to their business or organization.

Unless you’re FIFA or the NFL, nonprofit means exactly that. You’re short on money because your cause refuses to distribute large portions of your wealth to its shareholders—you rather use that money to advance your cause! Nonprofits generally need every dollar they can get, and the best way to do that is to master the art of storytelling. For many nonprofits, great storytelling is changing donor behavior in all of the best ways! By increasing action and having a deeper connection with your cause, donations are at an all-time high. Here is what you need to know about storytelling to help your NPO.

  1. Make a hypothesis.

Before you set off telling a tale as great as “The Force Awakens,” ask yourself: what measurable outcome would make this story successful? When setting goals, it’s good to know your constraints and use them to your advantage. Don’t let resources hold you back; when it comes to quality and authenticity, people like authenticity.

  1. Research Your Audience

Research what your audience responds to; Know what they care about, what they respond to, and why they already like your organization. Define who you’re trying to reach and build your narrative around that. After all, they’re the ones that are going to be donating.

  1. Experiment

There is no set way to tell a story. You have video, literature, events, and many other ways in which your story can be heard. Consider the following questions:

  • What makes your audience care?
  • What keeps them interested?

By keeping in mind these questions you are best able to get a feel for what will succeed the most, and you might want to think about getting a bigger donations jar!

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