The Diversity on Nonprofit Boards

Having a Nonprofit Board with Diversity  

Many nonprofit owners actively seek to diversity their board to include alternative perspectives and ideas. Each person will, of course, bring his or her own personal and professional contacts and life experiences to their service on a nonprofit board. With a diverse age grouping, experience, expertise, and outlook, a nonprofit organization has a strong position to plan for the future, grow, manage risks, and recognize opportunities.

Why is diversity useful in nonprofit boards?

  • When a nonprofit’s board reflects the diversity of the community served, the organization will be better able to access resources in the community through connections with potential donors and policymakers.
  • When a diverse board is facing a major decision, diverse perspectives on the board are better qualified to identify risks and opportunities.
  • Boards that are not diverse risk becoming stagnant. If all board members travel in the same social circle, identifying and cultivating new board members will be a constant challenge.

Check out these tips on how to maintain an effective board for your nonprofit organization.

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