The Best Ways to Keep Your Donor Data Safe

Practical tips to safeguard your nonprofit’s data.

Data breaches can happen to anyone. No matter if you’re a start-up business, established business, or a nonprofit, the reality is that everyone is exposed. As a nonprofit, your priority is to keep your donor’s information safe from falling into the wrong hands. Although you may not have a bottomless budget for security, these practice tips can help you safeguard data.

Keep your software updated

Software updates are one of the most fundamental parts of a good security system. Every device in your nonprofit, including smartphones, tablets, and computers should be updated regularly to the latest operating software. Updates are important as they often fix bugs and allow devices to run smoother. Don’t forget to update your website, too.

Encrypt data

Make sure any financial and other sensitive information is stored in an encrypted database so that if hackers are able to access it, they cannot make sense of it. If your organization can’t afford to store and maintain customer data onsite, consider a cloud-based storage site with high-level security.

Require strong passwords

When your team have dozens of accounts to log into, it seems like a great idea to use the same, simple password for each site. If this is the case, it’s time brush up on some password hygiene. Employees should change their passwords with the seasons, never write them down, and ensure they are difficult to guess – “Password123” isn’t fooling anyone. You may not have a say in what your donors use as passwords, but you can do your part by requiring strong passwords on your site.

If you take online donations, make sure your cyber liabilities are covered!

These tips can help safeguard your donors’ information. A great way to keep your nonprofit secure is by finding reliable insurance coverage. To find the right coverage for your needs, contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, part of HUB International in Denver, Colorado at 303-894-0298.