Thanksgiving Road Trip Tips

Thanksgiving should be a time to be humble but trying to maneuver the Thanksgiving roads can make one anything but. 

Thanksgiving and road trips are typically enjoyed by everyone who is able to partake but combining the two can lead anyone to loathe them. If you have ever taken a road trip to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving you may have run into the immovable wall of traffic that floods the roads on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and met them with unreasonable road rage. If you want to avoid the traffic and road rage this Thanksgiving, take these hints into consideration before you leave.

Road Trip Tips: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Do Not Depart on Wednesday – Wednesday is when everyone hits the roads to get to their destination. If you want to avoid this meaningless traffic, you can do two things: 1) Depart at dawn on Thursday. If your trip will only be a few short hours, leaving early Thursday morning will get you there before any of the fun stuff begins! 2) Leave on Monday or Tuesday. If your trip will take longer than a few hours, consider leaving on Monday or Tuesday to get a headstart on the Wednesday pre-Thanksgiving traffic.
  2. Take Frequent Breaks – Driving is a mentally taxing activity that, if done for long enough, can make the smallest inconvenience seem like the worst thing in the world. This is where the road rage can take over. But if you take breaks every 3-4 hours to allow yourself to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, you may be able to avoid the road rage altogether. You can use this opportunity to allow another driver to take the wheel.

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