4 Tips to Encourage Donors to Give Back on Thanksgiving

To most families, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the blessings received throughout the year, including the gift of life and health. However, if you’re a philanthropist, you will be thinking of ways to express gratitude by giving back on Thanksgiving.

Nonprofits can take advantage of this spirit of giving that engulfs the air toward the end of the year to raise funds for their social impact operations. Such organizations receive about 31% of their annual donations in December, on average. Keeping this in mind, you can launch your end-of-year fundraising drive earlier and even invite donors over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are 4 tips you can consider to inspire generous donors to give back on Thanksgiving.

1. Prepare for Thanksgiving Donations by Reaching out to Donors Early

Start communicating with your donors and let them in on your Thanksgiving fundraising plans before the big day. You could email them at least a week ahead, thanking and encouraging them to give to your cause.

Don’t forget to include inspiring impact stories in your messages. Donors are more likely to respond to your fundraising invitation when they’re convinced that your program bears fruits.

You can also increase your social media activity to promote your fundraiser. Be creative with the Thanksgiving-themed hashtags on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness. By encouraging existing followers to share or retweet your posts, you can bring more donors on board.

2. Raise Thanksgiving Donations by Presenting an Emotionally Relatable Problem

Give your donors a compelling reason to contribute to your noble cause. Present a problem to which your audience can emotionally connect. You can even go further and let potential donors hear from or meet someone you’re helping, such as a social injustice victim.

Hence, as you invoke these sincere emotions and help your donors sympathize with the groups that your nonprofit is uplifting, your audience is more likely to give to your cause, being moved into action by greater empathy.

3. Use Gratitude to Attract More Thanksgiving Donations

Gratitude is a conscious choice, and one of the most potent emotional responses you can invoke in a person.

Research shows that people that are grateful for something are more likely to do good for others as a token of appreciation. Therefore, by promoting gratitude, you can get more people to donate to your charity.

4. Don’t Manipulate Emotions to Increase Your Thanksgiving Donations

Take your Thanksgiving fundraiser as an opportunity to make everyone in the audience feel great about their accomplishments and good deeds so far. Some potential donors may not have contributed as you’d have wished for in the past, but this is not the time to remind them of their shortfalls. Avoid any Thanksgiving message to donors that may border on emotional blackmail or manipulation.

Instead, thank everyone for their role in driving the success of your social impact projects.

Giving back on Thanksgiving is one way for philanthropists to show gratitude for the gift of life and more. As a nonprofit, you can tap into the prevailing spirit of generosity to get more financial support from donors before the end of the year. Putting these tips into practice will help you persuade more well-wishers to give to your cause this Thanksgiving.

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