3 Ways to Connect With Volunteers on the Go

Volunteers are an essential part of your nonprofit, connecting with them is crucial in order to have the necessary hands for the necessary project. When your volunteers aren’t working with you, they’re out and about working 9 to 5, taking care of their kids and/or doing their homework, cooking Read More

How Nonprofit Insurance Has Changed for the Better

Nonprofits have access to insurance that simply did not exist only a few decades ago. Back in the day, nonprofit organizations were seen as substandard risks to insurance companies and very few insurance companies would take the risk of insuring one such organization. Many claim that it was not Read More

2 Insurance Tips You Can’t Miss for Your Nonprofit

These tips for your nonprofit will ensure your business is covered for what you need. Nonprofit organizations (FIFA excluded) are guided by a mission, vision, and a passion for making the world a better place. They are enthusiastic about what their goods and services can offer individuals and Read More

FREE Risk Management Seminars

Schedule in these free webinars so you don't have to leave your own office. Risk Management will be hosting free webinars to educate, without you having to leave your office. Distance is no longer an issue with these webinars. Being able to learn from trained professionals is as easy as connecting Read More

Broker/CSR Training Webinars

Learn important topics regarding non-profit organizations and insurance. Webinars are convenient methods in which large groups of people from all over the world can come together to learn about a certain topic. Distance is no longer an issue; whereas seminars used to require your physical presence, Read More

If Your Nonprofit Retails Products, Use This Guide To Business Preparation During the Holidays

The holiday season heats up for retail. Get ready with this business preparation guide. As a nonprofit, you want to spread awareness about your work in as many ways as possible. One effective (and possibly even lucrative) way to do that is by selling merchandise. Whether you retail goods made by Read More

Who Your General Liability Insurance Covers

Understanding Where Your Policy’s Protection Extends As a nonprofit, you know that you need a general liability insurance policy. You also know that it protects part of your team, but do you understand exactly where its coverage stops? Not knowing where you are protected could lead to a claim Read More