Steps for a Successful Nonprofit Event

Holding a nonprofit event is no small fete. Ensure the success of it by following these tips. Many nonprofit organizations across the States rely on holding special events and fundraisers to increase funds and donations for their organization. Due to this, great detail, care, and planning are Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Nonprofit Board Meetings

It’s time to wave goodbye to time-consuming, unorganized meetings. Your nonprofit gatherings should be short and sweet. Meetings get a bad name. But, usually for good reason. Many participants consider them to be mundane, boring, and a waste of precious time. Many nonprofit board of directors Read More

How To: Avoiding Injuries While Working Out

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How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From Worker’s Compensation

The right worker's comp. policy will provide benefits to more than just employees. When most people think of a worker’s compensation insurance policy, they think of the benefits that it will provide injured employees. While the coverage provided by worker’s comp. is invaluable when an employee is Read More

Tried-And-True Team Building Tips

Tips to help you make the most of your team building event. Team building isn’t just a popular buzzword; it’s an absolutely crucial concept for your nonprofit. When each member of your staff feels that he or she is part of a team and actually known, motivation, happiness, and productivity spike. Read More

The Guide To A Healthy Heart

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Simple Tips to get Your Home Ready for Winter

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