Labor Day: History & Facts

Impress your friends with these facts on the history of Labor Day.       Can you believe Labor Day is already just around the corner? The summer flew by, and suddenly we’re looking at the holiday that most people use as a marker for the beginning of fall. Labor Day means so much more than just a Read More

Tips For Protecting Against Ultraviolet Rays

The Importance Of UV Safety For Your Staff The summer is in full swing, bringing longer days with more sunlight. This is great for your pool plans, but it presents a danger to your skin and eyes. In Mile High City, the sun is (you guessed it!) a mile closer to us, meaning we are increasingly Read More

Upcoming Fun 5K Races In Denver

Local 5ks Filled With Fun Summer is beautiful in Colorado. Are you taking advantage of it? If you are on the hunt for ways to get moving and get outdoors, we have good news! There are a number of great Colorado runs coming up in which you can participate. New to running? Do not worry; we have Read More

Making The Most Of American Stroke Awareness Month

How Can You Make A Difference During American Stroke Awareness Month May does not just mark the warmer season and nearness of summer. It is also American Stroke Awareness Month. During this month, the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association put forward a campaign to educate Read More