What You Should Know About Identity Theft

Your personal information is out there, and bad people are out there trying to steal and sell it. Dwight Schrute said it best: “Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!” Criminals have a variety of methods in which they can steal your private information that, Read More

Why Workers’ Compensation Insurance Matters For Nonprofits

Here are just a few reasons why workers’ compensation is important for nonprofits.      In the state of Colorado, you’re legally required to carry workers’ compensation when you run a business. The good news is that when you look more closely at this type of coverage, you might just find you would Read More

Who Your General Liability Insurance Covers

Understanding Where Your Policy’s Protection Extends As a nonprofit, you know that you need a general liability insurance policy. You also know that it protects part of your team, but do you understand exactly where its coverage stops? Not knowing where you are protected could lead to a claim Read More

Get The Safety Guidance Your Nonprofit Deserves

How You Can Bolster Safety This Year At Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, we have a number of clients who are part of our Pinnacol Safety Program. These clients enjoy the opportunity to continually improve their workplaces through this program by attending at least two trainings during each Read More

Lessen Your Liability With Liquor Insurance

Protect Your Next Fundraising Event With This Coverage When you hold fundraising events for your nonprofit, you want to make them as special as possible for your patrons. Consequently, you probably put a lot of thought and energy into crafting the décor and choosing the caterer. To round out the Read More

Save Money on your Life Insurance Policy with These Tips

Life insurance is one of the most overlooked insurance policies. A life insurance policy is also one of the most important policies to invest in. A life insurance policy will provide your loved ones financial security after you are gone. Although investing in a life insurance policy means another Read More