Nonprofits Require Brokers for Insurance Policies

Brokers are here to help you. Brokers are individuals whose job is to buy and sell orders submitted by an investor. They are the middleman that many nonprofits need to acquire insurance and coverage because they know the ins and outs of organizations and have experience with insurance to give you Read More

Labor Day: History & Facts

Impress your friends with these facts on the history of Labor Day.       Can you believe Labor Day is already just around the corner? The summer flew by, and suddenly we’re looking at the holiday that most people use as a marker for the beginning of fall. Labor Day means so much more than just a Read More

The Types Of Insurance For Nonprofits

Nonprofits need these different types of insurance coverage.     Of course, it would be a shame for any business to go under, but it’s especially tragic when it’s a nonprofit. When a nonprofit doesn’t survive, its community and the world lose its impactful service or product, leaving people Read More

The Insurance Your Nonprofit Needs

Do You Have The Coverage You Need? Nonprofits are different, so it makes sense that the standard commercial insurance coverage would need to be tailored in order to best protect them. So you can have an idea of the type of policies your nonprofit needs to protect its work and avoid an unexpected Read More

Protecting Your Phase Of Life

Do You Have The Coverage You Need For The Coming Seasons? As the weather warms, the changing seasons can serve to remind us of our changing seasons of life. In the same way that each season has a beauty all its own, each phase of your life will be meaningful and memorable. So you can have Read More

March Is National Nutrition Month

Get Healthy During National Nutrition Month Even in our age of remarkably advanced modern medicine, one of the most important things you can do for your body is simply eat a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthful, nourishing diet will help you fend off many major diseases (including cardiovascular Read More