How To: Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in Winter

Slip and fall accidents are all too common during the winter. Prevent them with this guide. Winter has officially settled over Colorado, bringing with it the usual freezing temperatures and layer of snow. If you plan to hit the slopes or just enjoy the view cozied up with a hot drink, you might be Read More

A Look At Your Liability

Protecting Your Organization’s Responsibility As a nonprofit, you have taken some responsibility upon your organization. You are responsible for your work, your employees, your effects on the community, and any damages any person in your organization could cause, physical or otherwise. While Read More

Understanding The ANI

How The Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance Is Serving Nonprofits The work you do as a nonprofit is very different from that of other businesses. You aim to make an impact on the world, not your wallet. Consequently, it does not make sense that you would be forced to accept the same kind of Read More