How to Make the Most of Your Nonprofit Board Meetings

It’s time to wave goodbye to time-consuming, unorganized meetings. Your nonprofit gatherings should be short and sweet. Meetings get a bad name. But, usually for good reason. Many participants consider them to be mundane, boring, and a waste of precious time. Many nonprofit board of directors Read More

How Does Non Profit Liability Insurance Work?

Think you can get away without liability insurance? Think again. Liability insurance helps to stand your nonprofit in good stead. The process of finding insurance is overwhelming for many nonprofit directors. Most insurance agents don’t understand their unique needs and treat them as a business. Read More

Liability Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations 101

You may think that your nonprofit does not need liability insurance but this thinking is flawed and may put you in big trouble should there be an accident.  What kind of insurance do you need for your nonprofit organization? The answer to that question depends entirely on what your organization is Read More

2 Insurance Tips You Can’t Miss for Your Nonprofit

These tips for your nonprofit will ensure your business is covered for what you need. Nonprofit organizations (FIFA excluded) are guided by a mission, vision, and a passion for making the world a better place. They are enthusiastic about what their goods and services can offer individuals and Read More

Nonprofits Require Brokers for Insurance Policies

Brokers are here to help you. Brokers are individuals whose job is to buy and sell orders submitted by an investor. They are the middleman that many nonprofits need to acquire insurance and coverage because they know the ins and outs of organizations and have experience with insurance to give you Read More

Thinking Of Starting A Nonprofit? Here’s What You Need To Know

This guide can help you take the first steps to creating your own nonprofit business. Starting a nonprofit allows you to give back to your community in a way that you would not be able to with a for-profit company. However, many of the same steps that you need to take to start a nonprofit are the Read More

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Directive Updates

What you should know about OSHA’s hazard communication directive. Most employers want to maintain a healthy and safe workplace, but all employers are actually legally required to do so by the Occupation Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Recently, OSHA released an updated Directive on the Read More