Broker/CSR Training Webinars

Learn important topics regarding non-profit organizations and insurance. Webinars are convenient methods in which large groups of people from all over the world can come together to learn about a certain topic. Distance is no longer an issue; whereas seminars used to require your physical presence, Read More

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Directive Updates

What you should know about OSHA’s hazard communication directive. Most employers want to maintain a healthy and safe workplace, but all employers are actually legally required to do so by the Occupation Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Recently, OSHA released an updated Directive on the Read More

Negating Hazards As The Seasons Change

Protecting Yourself From Dangers Most of us are excited that the weather is slowly beginning to warm, and the country can kiss an especially brutal winter goodbye. As we transition from winter to spring, a unique set of hazards arise because the daytime is getting warmer but temperatures are Read More