Broker/CSR Training Webinars

Learn important topics regarding non-profit organizations and insurance. Webinars are convenient methods in which large groups of people from all over the world can come together to learn about a certain topic. Distance is no longer an issue; whereas seminars used to require your physical presence, Read More

The Types Of Insurance For Nonprofits

Nonprofits need these different types of insurance coverage.     Of course, it would be a shame for any business to go under, but it’s especially tragic when it’s a nonprofit. When a nonprofit doesn’t survive, its community and the world lose its impactful service or product, leaving people Read More

The Insurance Your Nonprofit Needs

Do You Have The Coverage You Need? Nonprofits are different, so it makes sense that the standard commercial insurance coverage would need to be tailored in order to best protect them. So you can have an idea of the type of policies your nonprofit needs to protect its work and avoid an unexpected Read More

Who Your General Liability Insurance Covers

Understanding Where Your Policy’s Protection Extends As a nonprofit, you know that you need a general liability insurance policy. You also know that it protects part of your team, but do you understand exactly where its coverage stops? Not knowing where you are protected could lead to a claim Read More

A Look At Your Liability

Protecting Your Organization’s Responsibility As a nonprofit, you have taken some responsibility upon your organization. You are responsible for your work, your employees, your effects on the community, and any damages any person in your organization could cause, physical or otherwise. While Read More

What Is Errors & Omissions Insurance?

Your Guide To Understanding E&O Coverage Do you make claims about your work? Any claim at all, even as broad as a claim to better your community, can become a legal issue if one of your clients sues you because they feel you did not make good on that claim and it caused them financial loss. Read More