How to Recognize National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month, do you know how to combat the everyday stress to which you are exposed. Everyone experiences stress from time to time. And there are unfortunately some people that feel it more than others. It can be a real joy-killer, and if left unchecked it can lead to Read More

How to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Some of the greatest things you can do for employee satisfaction come at little or no cost to you.  When employers turn to their employees on how to improve employee satisfaction, many employers fear they won't be able to meet their demands, or they believe that external influences like extra pay Read More

What Are the Options for Employers Regarding Overtime Now?

The overtime law that was supposed to go into effect on December 1, 2016, has been preliminarily enjoined. What does that mean for employers and their employees now? As you may have heard by now, the U.S. Department of Labor's overtime rule that was supposed to be taken into effect December 1, Read More

Real World Suggestions For Improving Your Benefits Program

Here’s what you should know when improving your employee benefits package. Your benefits package shows your employees you care. You’ve invested time and money in putting it together, and the goal of this package is to draw the best people to your team and help keep them there. It’s important, Read More

Restructuring Health Benefits in Your Non-Profit

Your non-profit business can benefit the company and employees. Your company’s health care benefit package is a significant investment in your employees. The right package aids attracting the right employees, enhancing employee engagement, and retaining your most valuable employees. Consider Read More

How Your In-House Policies Create Potential Liability

Maintaining protective insurance for your non-profit business. Many companies neglect or overlook revising their vacation or paid-time-off policies, which can be a big mistake. Depending on your jurisdiction, a poorly drafted vacation/PTO policy can carry significant potential liability. If these Read More

Who Your General Liability Insurance Covers

Understanding Where Your Policy’s Protection Extends As a nonprofit, you know that you need a general liability insurance policy. You also know that it protects part of your team, but do you understand exactly where its coverage stops? Not knowing where you are protected could lead to a claim Read More