The Nonprofit Insurance Q&A

You have questions about nonprofit insurance, we have answers! Nonprofit leaders, and Matthew McConaughey, are all too familiar with the concept of Murphy’s Law, stating that anything that can happen, will happen. Or, as it’s commonly versed, anything bad that can happen, will happen. That’s why Read More

How Nonprofit Insurance Has Changed for the Better

Nonprofits have access to insurance that simply did not exist only a few decades ago. Back in the day, nonprofit organizations were seen as substandard risks to insurance companies and very few insurance companies would take the risk of insuring one such organization. Many claim that it was not Read More

2016 Comeback Trail: Benefitting the National Strokes Association

Comeback Trail: 5K Series for Stroke Awareness Month When: Sunday May 1st, 2016 Where: Hudson Gardens, Littleton, CO 80120 Price for stroke survivors: $20 General public: $25 Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in the US, yet millions who survive have had no unifying symbol around Read More

2 Insurance Tips You Can’t Miss for Your Nonprofit

These tips for your nonprofit will ensure your business is covered for what you need. Nonprofit organizations (FIFA excluded) are guided by a mission, vision, and a passion for making the world a better place. They are enthusiastic about what their goods and services can offer individuals and Read More

FREE Risk Management Seminars

Schedule in these free webinars so you don't have to leave your own office. Risk Management will be hosting free webinars to educate, without you having to leave your office. Distance is no longer an issue with these webinars. Being able to learn from trained professionals is as easy as connecting Read More

Alcohol Awareness Month: Shocking Statistics

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. As far as legal things that are really bad for you, alcohol is right up there with smoking cigarettes. The problem with alcohol is that it gets glorified in TV, movies, and just about any corner of history and entertainment (even some animals!) that it’s so easily Read More

Nonprofits Require Brokers for Insurance Policies

Brokers are here to help you. Brokers are individuals whose job is to buy and sell orders submitted by an investor. They are the middleman that many nonprofits need to acquire insurance and coverage because they know the ins and outs of organizations and have experience with insurance to give you Read More