How Great Leaders Communicate with Love

Duty makes us do things, but love makes us do them beautifully. Leadership has changed throughout the millennia, but the great leaders all have love as their motivation. Not love in the romantic sense (that would have made wars and businesses a little weird), but in the kind of inclusive, Read More

The Science of Nonprofit Storytelling

Nonprofits need to use every tool at their disposal when it comes to their business or organization. Unless you’re FIFA or the NFL, nonprofit means exactly that. You’re short on money because your cause refuses to distribute large portions of your wealth to its shareholders—you rather use that Read More

3 Common Messaging Challenges That Nonprofits Face

Messaging should be focused on what is heard, not necessarily what you say. A potential funder needs to be engaged in the cause. A strong narrative can get your potential funders in the door, but now they’re really listening to what you have to say. Not everyone loves to give money away at just any Read More

How Your Nonprofit Can Overcome the Fundraising Crevasse

Not raising enough money is a common issue that many nonprofits face every now and then. Do you know how to combat it? Executive directors often complain that their board members aren’t involved enough in fundraising—a fundamental responsibility of every board member. Raising support for the Read More

3 Ways to Connect With Volunteers on the Go

Volunteers are an essential part of your nonprofit, connecting with them is crucial in order to have the necessary hands for the necessary project. When your volunteers aren’t working with you, they’re out and about working 9 to 5, taking care of their kids and/or doing their homework, cooking Read More

3 Incredible Facts About Nonprofits

Nonprofits can be more surprising than you think, and people often underestimate them. Nonprofit work can be rough, stressful, chaotic, and pretty much every other adjective and synonym to describe difficult and messy. They are, however, rewarding because it’s an experience unlike any other. You Read More

The Importance of Employee Benefits

As a nonprofit, having employee benefits ensures that your employees stay, as well as attracting the best of the best. Employee benefits allow businesses to recruit and retain top of the line employees, shooing away those other companies that want to poach your workers. It also adds positive Read More