Special Events Consider Unique Risks for Nonprofits

Understand where your nonprofit could be at risk.  

A fundamental success of nonprofits is the ability to raise funds and awareness. Although social media can do its part in connecting your nonprofit to the world, special events remain a key source of fundraising. These fundraisers run the gamut from traditional events like dinners, auctions, and fun runs to more creative ideas involving extreme physical tasks.

When you’re planning your nonprofits next special event, it’s important to remember the insurance aspect. From an insurance perspective, special events are considered as unique operations and exposures for organizations. Typically, there won’t be automatic coverage for these activities in general liability insurance policies.

Fortunately, you can acquire reliable special event coverage that protects your nonprofit throughout the special event. Keep in mind that protect your organization from the varying risks involved with a special event, whatever that may be, you should work with a trusted insurance broker. Certain exposures can be more challenging to insure than others. For example, an event aimed towards children that features inflatable structures carries a great deal of risk. The right insurance broker will be able to spot these risks and tailor coverage to suit your event.

Another risk to consider is alcohol. A nonprofit should check to see if a license is required and whether or not their current insurance covers this kind of exposure. Training for employees and volunteers that will be serving alcohol is imperative, as well as having a plan in place for how to handle guests that appear to be intoxicated.

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