Social Media Tips for Your Nonprofit

Using Social Media for Nonprofit Awareness

In this digital age, nonprofits are well aware that they need to be present online to gain a following and attract new donors. Is your nonprofit making the most of social media platforms? Whether you’re new to the platforms or looking to improve your strategy to reach more people, check out these tips for nonprofits.

Focus on Being Useful – Like most businesses, nonprofits tend to look at social media as a money-first or money-only channel. Temper the expectations that social is about fundraising and just focus on being a resource – a useful and entertaining channel for your audience. If you make people happy with your content, the donations will come.

Use Visual Stories – People love to watch videos and good imagery is more likely to capture someone’s eye while they scroll through a feed rather than a block of text. Take pictures and post them on social media, writing the story behind it.

Use Social Media Year-Round – If you’re only posting on social media for the high holidays, book in more time to get online! Consistency is so important for nonprofits. Building a relationship with your audience helps to promote events and inspire donations, so be sure to work on that connection throughout the entire year.

Become a Trusted Member of Your Community – Make a sincere effort to become a trusted member of your community. Express appreciation for your community to the point where it almost seems like the community and the cause comes before your organization. When done correctly, your nonprofit will gain traction in the local area.

Communicate to Connect – Building relationships is important – and easier than you think! Reply to comments, share others’ posts, and answer messages on social media platforms so that your audience feel valued and appreciated.

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