How To: Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in Winter

Slip and Fall Accidents in WinterSlip and fall accidents are all too common during the winter. Prevent them with this guide.

Winter has officially settled over Colorado, bringing with it the usual freezing temperatures and layer of snow. If you plan to hit the slopes or just enjoy the view cozied up with a hot drink, you might be welcoming the winter. That doesn’t mean you have to welcome risks with it, though. Avoid issues at your nonprofit this winter by using this guide to prevent slip and fall accidents among your employees and on your property.

Employee Safety Tips:

  • Make sure your staff has shoes with nonslip soles to wear to and from their vehicles. Even if they change into dress shoes once inside, encourage thoughtful footwear that can handle potentially slippery surfaces. It’s a good idea to offer a storage space for snow boots, etc. so your employees don’t have to cram them into their workspaces.
  • Train your team on the best way to walk to avoid slipping. Basically, it looks like a penguin. Take small, shuffling steps, try to walk flat footed, and keep your eyes on the ground in front of you.

Property Safety Tips:

  • Implement a thorough snow and ice removal program and make sure that it’s being followed throughout the winter.
  • Post notices around your business to inform people of slippery walkways.
  • Add mats to all of the entrances of your business. To make sure those mats don’t become a tripping hazard, look for ones with beveled edges.

While this guide will help you avoid slip and fall accidents, there’s still a risk that they will happen. If they do, you’ll need great liability insurance to protect your nonprofit against the potential lawsuit expense. For that kind of protection this winter and throughout the year, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. We’re very familiar with the risk of slip and fall accidents for Denver area nonprofits and will make sure you’re covered against them.