Simple Ways to Attract Volunteers with Specialized Skills

Simple Ways to Attract Volunteers with Specialized SkillsWhat your nonprofit should know about recruiting the right volunteers.  

As a nonprofit, you value your time and energy. Trying to recruit volunteers that are the right fit for your organization can seem daunting. Recruiting volunteers who are the right fit and have the skills you’re looking for – now that can appear near impossible. To help you recruit top talent with specialized skills, read on.

  • Be specific from the beginning

It’s best not to recruit now and then narrow down later on. If you’re looking for someone with a specific skillset, list this on the volunteer opening listing. If you want someone who can help balance your books, require the candidate to have bookkeeping experience. If you need a handyman who can tend to the property, require him or her to have experience doing DIY jobs. Make sure you clearly note what type of person you are looking for.

  • Use job titles even for temporary volunteer positions

Part of being specific with your requirements means that you should give a title to the position you’re looking to fill. This helps volunteers to understand what you require of them, and gives them something to list on their resumes. Rather than listing all position titles as “volunteer,” specifically list the position that is open – just be sure that the job description clearly states that the position is unpaid.

  • Implement social media tools

Social media isn’t just to attract donors and supporters. Even if you list the volunteer position on a different website, be sure to let your social media following that you’re looking for people to join the team. More often than not, you’ll get a lot of interest from your followers that have taken an interest in your work.

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