Negating Hazards As The Seasons Change

Negating Hazards As The Seasons ChangeProtecting Yourself From Dangers

Most of us are excited that the weather is slowly beginning to warm, and the country can kiss an especially brutal winter goodbye. As we transition from winter to spring, a unique set of hazards arise because the daytime is getting warmer but temperatures are still dropping below freezing at night. This means snow is melting during the day, then freezing into sheets of ice at night. To address the challenges this brings, consider these areas.

  • Around The House: It is important for your gutters and downspouts to be clear of blockages so the melted snow can drain from your roof rather than seeping in and causing leaks. Consider detaching your gutters at the elbow to check that the pathways are clear. Do not assume that your walkways are clear just because the temperatures are rising; check that there is not a layer of ice and tread carefully.
  • Behind The Wheel: Roadways become particularly hazardous this time of year. Black ice is common, so make sure you do not follow too closely behind cars. Use extra caution when you are under a bridge or on an overpass, because those areas freeze more quickly. Check that your tires have proper tread so you can grip the road ahead.
  • In The Closet: Spring brings volatile temperature fluctuations. Make sure that you are prepared for a sudden cold front by dressing in lots of layers. Keep a warm jacket or sweater in your car so you can grab it on a day where the clouds roll in suddenly. Also, keep socks and boots handy just in case a late snowstorm takes us by surprise.

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