Preventing Slips and Falls During Winter

With winter right around the corner, your business needs to take the proper precautions to protect your business from the dangers of winter. 

Brace yourself: Winter is coming. That means it’s time to dust off essential safety tips that can prevent slips, trips, and falls–occurances that are more common in the winter due to the malicious conditions. But just because winter brings nasty weather, doesn’t mean your business would get off the hook if there were an accident on your premises. Here are a few organization winter safety tips to protect  your nonprofit during the nasty weather of winter.

Worker Safety Tips

  • Walk cautiously as you could encounter a patch of ice and slip.
  • Wear snow boots with non-slip soles when walking outdoors.
  • Avoid the temptation to hurry to beat traffic.
  • Your arms help keep you balanced, so be sure to keep your hands out of your pockets and avoid carrying heavy loads to keep you in control as you walk in the outdoors.
  • Try to walk as flat-footed as possible and try to keep your weight directly over your step to keep your balance.
  • When entering or exiting your vehicle, hold onto the door or side of the car for extra support.

Worksite Safety Tips

  • Post and distribute phone and email contacts for the maintenance department, and encourage employees to report any icy conditions.
  • Provide beveled-edge mats in entrances during the winter months and when it rains. They absorb water and keep you and your employees safe when stepping onto the dry surface.
  • Have a program ready that promptly removes ice and snow from parking lots, garages, and sidewalks.

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