Get The Safety Guidance Your Nonprofit Deserves

Get The Safety Guidance Your Nonprofit DeservesHow You Can Bolster Safety This Year

At Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, we have a number of clients who are part of our Pinnacol Safety Program. These clients enjoy the opportunity to continually improve their workplaces through this program by attending at least two trainings during each policy period. By doing so, they are set on the path to meet the requirements laid out by the Colorado Cost Containment Certification program, which can help them reduce their workers’ compensation premiums.

What, exactly, do these trainings entail? They are safety training seminars that help you protect your organization’s most central asset: your employees. In order to do all you can to improve the safety of your workplace, we offer these seminars regularly. Each one focuses on a different subject so you can get a comprehensive overview of your steps towards safety. By attending two of these trainings per policy period, members of our Pinnacol Safety Program are able to safeguard their nonprofits.

Our next training seminar will be held from 8:00-9:30 a.m. at the Colorado Collaborative for Nonprofits Training Center (789 Sherman Street, Denver). It will cover Job Hazard Analysis, teaching you to properly utilize a Job Hazard Analysis form so you can best classify workplace hazards and identify the right remedies. You can learn more about this and other upcoming trainings (September 8: Unscrambling the Claims Puzzle, September 24: Effective Safety Training, November 17: Managing Safety through Good Hiring Practices) here.

Your nonprofit deserves to have the resources it needs to implement its best safety program, safeguarding its employees and its bottom line. To get the help you need to realize your safest workplace in 2015, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency today. We are here to help you protect your Colorado nonprofit with great insurance coverage and great safety tools. For all of your Denver insurance needs, call us today!