Alliance of Nonprofit Insurance (ANI)

ANI Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance and her big sister NIAC, Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of California, grew from an idea posed by Pamela Davis’, founder, president and CEO. While at UC Berkeley, Pamela presented in her Master’s thesis that instead of relying on insurance companies that were inconsistent in their willingness to provide affordable insurance, she wanted to insure nonprofits were paying their fair share and no more.

ANI was capitalized with $10 million in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the David & Lucile Packard Foundation.

ANI is a 501(c)(3) risk retention company. A risk retention company is a liability insurance company owned by its members; today they have over 13,000 nonprofit members in 30 states.

Risk Retention groups provide third party liability coverage such as GL, E&O, D&O Medical Liability, Commercial Auto Liability.

These are coverage’s permitted in the Liability Risk Retention Act. The act is a federal law passed in 1986 by congress to help business obtain liability insurance since it had become either unaffordable or unavailable due to the liability crisis in the U.S. in the 1980’s. The nonprofit sector was hit very hard and it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain insurance.

Since risk retention groups are owned by their members, there are some key advantages relating to the control members have over their liability programs. This control often results in lower rates over the long term.

In the case of ANI, they’ve stayed true to their members in rating; they price for the risk not for the market thus keeping rates stable. ANI’s focus is solely on the nonprofit sector, so they offer specialized coverage’s pertaining to their needs. In addition, ANI members have access to a variety of free services such as Employment Issues Assistance, Personnel Handbook Reviews, Loss Control Assistance, Educational Booklets, Webinar Series and much more. They also have significant discounts on Background Checks, Drug Testing, Disaster Recovery Planning and Motor Vehicle Record Check. Call our agency today to become an ANI member, 303-894-0298.

Unemployment Services Trust (UST)

UST, is the largest and lowest cost nationwide unemployment trust program, their owned by participating nonprofits and they are a not for profit company.

Colorado Nonprofit Association is a partner of UST and is managed by Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency Inc, a subsidiary of Colorado Nonprofit Association.

UST’s mission is to save money for nonprofits by helping them pay the dollar –for-dollar cost of their unemployment claims. UST will establish a dedicated savings account for you while providing the highest quality claims management experience available. Their committed to helping nonprofit employers take full advantage of the nonprofit unemployment alternative; rather than paying taxes through the state system.

Funds paid into the state tax system belong to the state unless of course they have an unemployment claim; whereas with the trust, the funds belong to an individual organization. The trust is very prudent in their fiduciary process to manage the trust assets, and they’ve achieved very good returns for their members and have generated over $40 million from investment returns since December of 2000.

Monies paid into the state program are tax, it’s never returned for good performance, unlike UST, who will return a nonprofits money if they’ve successfully managed their unemployment program.

In 2013, UST returned over $500,000 to 17 Colorado nonprofit members as a result of their positive risk management success.

In 2014, UST introduced Think HR Service as part of their member benefit program, which includes a variety of services for nonprofits.

  • H.R. Hotline – live response with written follow up
  • Resources Library – with hundreds of forms, templates,, articles plus regular email bulletins
  • Training center – with over 200 training programs

If you are a nonprofit 501(c) (3) with 10 or more employees; consider the UST experience. You’ll work with a dedicated service team who is responsive and excels in the area of customer service. They have proven results of lowering unemployment’s costs for nonprofits while improving the claims management experience. Call Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency today at 303-894-0298.

60 Seconds to HR Savings

For every 66 employees at a nonprofit, on average there is just one Human Resources role, revealed a recent research survey published by NonprofitHR.

From recruitment to HR compliance to employee termination and unemployment hearings, this one HR person has managed to do it all… and then some.

But with limited HR staff, the chances of committing costly errors or compliance oversights in daily activity can be high.

Since the typical one-person Human Resources department costs $91,715 to run—with the cost increasing cumulatively for every HR role added—most nonprofits can’t afford more HR staff, let alone legal counsel to ensure rules are being properly implemented.

Increasingly this is leading nonprofit employers to look for outside expert support for HR functions. Nonprofits are able to save time and money, while also ensuring that they are staying in step with of-the-moment best practices. Additionally this allows smaller or understaffed nonprofits to more readily access the expertise and resources of a larger HR knowledge pool.

Our friends at UST put together a 60-second video to show how other nonprofits have lowered the cost of HR: http://ww2.chooseust.org/lp/60seconds.html