Organization Tips for Your Home Office

Simple organization ideas for your office at home.  

Working from the comfort of your home can be a great situation, but if there’s one thing that a home office can easily fall victim to, it’s clutter. When your business and personal life is entwined, it’s easy to overlook personal items on your desk or get behind on cleaning the office. However, this can negatively impact your work. Take a look at these tips to keep your home office looking and feeling organized.

  • Now is the time to throw out unused items and store away the 50 pens that you don’t need.
  • Scan it! Take the time to scan in paper documents that you have so that you have a back up just in case. You can get apps for your phone and tablet that makes easy work of this.
  • Clip away the cables. Tidying up your cables is as simple as getting some zip ties and securing them all together so that you don’t have wires running everywhere.
  • Keep your desktop clean. It might be tempting to fill your desk with fun staplers and writing accessories, but unless you need them on a daily basis, it’s best to keep your desk as clear as possible.
  • Organize your computer. Time to declutter your digital desktop, too. Get rid of unwanted files and back up important documents to the cloud.

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